TV Tape List

Update 2018-10-12

This page is outdated, I have a new version here:

#1. (ABC) (No Ads) (1993-4?)
Young Indiana Jones and the Scandals of 1920

#2. (TBS Superstation) (With Ads) (1988)
The Moonshine War
Toward the Unknown
10 Seconds to hell (incomplete)

#3. (Disney Channel) (With Ads) (2003)
T'was the Night

#4. (Disney Channel) (With Ads) (2006)
High School Musical
More tv shows not yet searched

#5. (TNT) (With Ads) (80's 90's?)
Silent Night - Ben Hur
Silent Night - Noah's Ark
Jammin The Blues
Action News 6 - Old Records
AMC - Old Records, Film
Swingin Soundies - I Look at You
Captian carey USA (incomplete)

#6. (WHAS-TV) (With Ads) (April 4 1990)
The Cosby Show
Action 11 News 5:30
Action 11 News 6:00
(WLKY-32) (CBS)
CBS News 32
Entertainment Tonight (Partial Ad breaks)
Wave3 News Nichtcast
Follow your heart (incomplete)
Unknown program (4 mins)
ABC News Nightline
(WLKY-32) (CBS)
After Hours (with signoff)
WLKY32 News
CBS Newswatch

#7. (CBS) (No Ads) (???)
Indiana Jones - The Last Crusade
(Superstation) (No Ads)
Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark

#8. Old Movies (???)
All Away Boats
Madame X

#9. Old Movies (???)
Will Penny - Charlton Heston
The Fighting Ken Tuckian

#10. In & Out (No ads) (HBO?)
In & Out

#11. Various Movies and PBS (TCM) (October 21 2005)
Bright Victory
Two Paths
The Fugitive
"Leon Arold"
"Lynn, Royce and Daniel"
French Singing Sensation
"Nicky, Harold and Lola"
Boys' Ranch
Jack Paar
The Eyes of the Mummy
Private Screenings : Jane Powell
(PBS Kids) WTTW, partially taped over, so no ads. Darn-IT...!
Between The Lions - Shooting Stars

#12. Yellow RCA (Lifetime) (With Ads) (1996)
Nightmare in Daylight
Short Circuit (No ads)
(Cartoon Network)
Scooby Doo (No ads) (includes bumpers)

#13 The 3 Stooges (ABC) (With Ads) (2000)
The 3 Stooges
(CBS) (With Ads)
Nascar Race
CBS Kidshow - Tales from the cryptkeeper (incomplete)

#14. Moses (2 Tapes) (ABC) (With Ads) (2006)
The 10 Commendments (2)
Oprah (2)
Jimmy Kimmel Live (2)
ABC Nightline (2)

#15. (ABC) (With Ads) (???)
ABC7 News
(Disney Channel)
Even Steven
That's So Raven (2)
That's So Raven (Incomplete)

#16. (ABC) (With Ads) (???)
ABC 7 News
ABC Nighline

#17. (Encore) (No Ads) (2000?)
The Jungle Book 2

#18. Various Movies (AMC) (No Ads) (90's)
Brave One
Up In Arms
(CBS) (No ads)
Ledgend of the Beverly Hillbillies
20/20 15th Anniversary
(PBS Kids?)
Lamb Chop (No ads or bumpers, cut up segments)

#19. Various Movies (No ads) (90's)
Rythym on the River
Lady Takes a Chance
Magic Town
Blendie's Blessed Event
(PBS Kids?)
Lamb Chop (No ads, cut up segments, damaged)

#20. (AMC) (With Ads) (90's?)
Swiss Family Robinson

#21. (With ads) (A&E) (1995-6)
In the Heat of The Night
Miles From Nowhere
Betty Boop Cartoons

#23. Trains II (No ads)
Public TV Trains 1
Love Toy Trains 3
Kids Love Trains
Wee Sing Train
The Little Engine That Could
Hostoric Railroads
Roaring Camp / Big Trees
Historic Railroads

#24. Christmas Cartoons (KTVL-10) (No Ads) (Mid 80's)
Life With Santa
Pinnochio Christmas
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Charlie Brown Christmas
Frosty The Snowman

#25 Toy Stories (Disney Channel) (With Ads) (2004)
Toy Story 1
Toy Story 2

#26 (ABC) (With Ads) (2005)
Jurassic Park 3