A Mother's Christmas Wish

by Suzanne Dean

Come dear family, gather 'round our Christmas tree; Let us spend a little time in love and harmony. Tomorrow we will celebrate the birth of Christ our Lord, But I've a wish this year to see it's meaning's not ignored.
The gifts are neatly set about with names and tags and bows. And Christmas goodies are in sight, the stockings are in rows. But as I look into your faces, what I wish to see. Is a love for Christ our Savior, not "What's Santa bringing me?" Each time one of you were born and laid here in my arm, I thought about the Christ child in the manger safe and warm. I thought of how his life began, and all the things he taught. I thought of how he died for us--that death could conquer not.
I wonder how his face would look, if these gifts to him we gave-- A shirt, a train, a story book. Which of these would he save? I think he'd rather see us give kindness to each other, To say our thanks and give our love to him, our oldest brother.
So, as the colored Christmas lights are blinking in your heads, I hope to find you each with love, kneeling at your beds, And giving him a birthday wish that will be sure to please: Just vow to love your fellow man, and promise from your knees.
Then in the morning when you pass your Christmas gifts around, Give the gift of love and joy. Let true peace here be found. For Jesus will be here to join, he's told us so, you see. "If you do it unto the least of these. You do it unto me."