Ice Cream For The Soul

At dinner at a posh restaurant, little Mikey wants to say grace. The
family doesn't ordinarily say grace at restaurants, but Mikey insists. So
he bows his head and says: "Dear God, thanks for this food - and please
make sure we get some ice cream for dessert. AMEN."

Well, there's a bit of low laughter from the tables around this
slightly embarrassed family - this may be the reason why they don't say
grace at restaurants. But in a rather loud voice, a man from the table
behind the family says, "Hmmph - that's what's wrong with our world today -
they don't teach kids how to pray properly anymore."

Well a rather odd theological debate springs up in that restaurant.
Another man, hearing both the grace and the cry of disgust that "kids don't
know how to pray", comes to the family's table, winks at the embarrassed
boy, and says in a low voice: "I happen to know that God thought that was a
great grace. In fact, it's a little known fact that ice cream is good for
the soul."

When dessert comes the boy looks at his dish of 'vanilla-surprise' for
a minute. Then he gets up and takes the ice cream to the table behind him
- the one from the guy who didn't like his grace. The kid says, with
absolutely no sarcasm intended - "Here, this is for you - my soul is okay."