The family of FMC member Rev. Ronald J. Volek of GuardianAngels Church, Copley, Ohio, gathered at his home for Easter Sunday dinner. Volek's three-year-old granddaughter, Samantha cracked an Easter egg, removed the yolk, and holding it in her hand asked, "And this is what part?" "That is what would become a chick when the hen sits on the egg," her grandmother replied. Samantha's older brother, Daniel, 6, added: "But first the rooster has to cock-a-doodle-doo:'

The week before Easter is known as Holy Week because of its specialsignificance to Christians. During this past Holy Week, a first-grade teacher at the local Lutheran school took great pains to explain all the events in Jesus' life that led up to the first Easter She told them about Palm Sunday, and Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday and finally Easter. When she thought she had explained everything there was to know about that special week, the teacher asked if the students had any questions~ One curious little boy raised his hand and asked, "What happens if you don't want to be holy all week?" -Daniel Hintz~ Grand Isle~ Nebraska

A pastor observed: 'We certainly believe in the resurrect at our church. If you doubt it, just visit our offices sometime and watch our staff come back to life at quitting time.' -Tal Bonham

The only thing some folks give up for Lent are their New Year's resolutions. -Rev.~ Felix A. Lorenz Jr., Narthville, Michigan

You have to believe in happiness Or happiness never comes . . Oh, that's the reason a bird can sing- On his darkest day he believes in spring. -Catherine Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania