Cawse:  Cause, usually preceded in
           the South by the adjective "Iawst"
           (lost). "The War Between the States
            was a lawst cawse."
         Cayut: A furry animal much beloved
           by little girls but detested by adults
            when it engages in mating rituals in
            the middle of the night "Be sure to
            put the cayut outside before you go to
        Chaistun: A city in South Carolina
         that Yankees call the Cradle of Seces-
         sion. "Ah don't know why they're so
         upset All we wanted was Fort Sumter
         Chekatawlfarya?: An expression that
         is rapidly disappearing because of the
         gasoline 'shortage, but one that still
         may be heard by baffled Yankees at
         service stations in small Southem towns.
         It translates "Check that oil for you?"
         Chitlins: It is said that there are two
         things you should never see being
         made: laws and sausages. Chitlins are 
         another. Chitlins, which can smell up
         the whole county when being cooked,
         are boiled and fried hog intestines.
          Delicious, if you can forget what they
          are. "Ah'll have another plate of them
        Chunk:  To throw. "Chunk it in there,
              Leroy. Ole Leroy sure can chunk 'at
              ball, can't he? Best pitcher we ever
              Claws:  An appendage to a legal doc-
              ument. "You'd be advised to study
              that claws very carefully."

           Clawth: A woven material from which
         cloes (clothes) are made .  "Let me have
        three yards of that clawth, please."
         Cooter:  A large turtle found in Southern
        streams that supplemented many Dixie diets
        when the Yankees came down during
        reconstruction and carried off everything
        that wasn't bolted down.  "Goin' to the
        hardware store? Get me some cooter hooks."