Babdist:  A religious denomination
         whose members are found in great
         profusion throughout the South. They
         are against drinkin' and dancin', but...
         "Ah hear the Babdist preacher run off
         with the choir director."
         Bad~mouth:  To disparage or dero-
         gate. "All these candidates have bad-
         mouthed each other so much I've about
         decided not to vote for any of 'em."
         Baws:  Your employer. "The baws
         may not always be right, but he's al-
         ways the baws."
         Bawstun:  The largest city in Massa-
         chusefts. "King George III didn't like
         the Bawstun Tea Party much."
         Best:  Another baffling Southernism
         that is usually couched in the negative.
         "You best not speak to Cecil about
         his car. He just had to spend $300 on
            Bleeve: Expression of intent or
              faith. "Ah bleeve we ought to go to
                 church this Sunday.'

             Bobbuh: One who cuts hair. 'Ah
             wish   you'd go to a different bobbuh."

             Bobbycue: A delectable Southern
              sandwich  that is prepared properly
              only in certain parts of North Carolina
               It consists of chopped pork, slaw and
               a fiery sauce made
               of vinegar, red pepper and
               ketchup. "Four bobbycues to go, please."

              Bound to: Certain to. "Too much
              beer is bound to give you a hang- over."
               Break bad: To behave in a violent,
                 wanton or outrageous manner for
                 no discernible reason. "Ole Bill
                  broke bad last night and wound up
                   in jail:'
                Break of: To induce the abandonment
                of an undesirable trait or habit: 'Ah'm
                gonna break that husband of mine of
                lyin' to me if it's the last thing  Ah do:'
                Bub: A fragile glass object that converts
               electricity into illumination. "Ah think that light
                bubs  burnt out:'

                 Bobwar: A spiky strand of metal used
                 to keep cattle inside an enclosed space.
                 "Watch out, you'll get caught on that
         Bounden determined: Totally corn-
         mitted to a. course of action, not al-
         ways the wisest. "She's bounden de-
         termined to marry him."
         Bout: About, except in Tidewater Vir-
         ginia where it~is pronounced "aboot."
         "Ifs bout tLme to put out the fire and
         call in the dawgs."
         Bowut:  In Charleston, S.C., a small
         craft that conveys one across water.
         "Where's the motor for this bowut?"
         Boy: Any Southern white male under
         the age of 50, usually preceded by the
         words "good ote," meaning he is ami-
         able, likes a drink now and then and
         is fond of fishin', huntin' and good-
         lookin women. "Clarence is a good
         ole boy." or "Thet boy aint real braht."
         Braht:  Dazzling. "Venus is a braht
         Branch: Part of a tree, but also a
         small stream. "We'll cross that branch
         when we come to it."
         Bud: Small feathered creature that
         flies. "A robin sure is a pretty bud."