Ahr: What we breathe, also a unit of
         time made up of 60 minutes. "They
         should've been here about an ahr ago."
         Ahreen: A lady's name. "You re-
         member that song that was popular
         during the Korean War? 'Goodnight,
         All Ah wanna do is hold you a
         little, is all: One of the most brazen,
         outrageous lies Southern men tell wo-
         men, and always with the utmost sin-
         cerity. "All Ah wanna do is hold you a
         little, is all, honey."
         All over hell and half of Georgia:
         Covering a large area. "Ah've looked
         for that boy all over hell and half of
         Ah 'magine: The first word means
         yourself~r as Southerners say', "yo
         sef," and the second is an expression
         of intent or belief. "Ah 'magine she's
         bout the sweetest gull (girl) in Jeff
         Davis County."
         Ails: Else. "Warn't nothin', ma'am.
         Anybody ails would have done the
         same thing."
         Alms: What beggars ask for in AY-rab
         countries, but what Southern men hold
         their girls with. "Ah just want to put
         my alms around you a' little, is all."
         AMbolance: A four-wheeled vehicle
         used to convey the injured to a hospi-
         tal. "That 'boy's hurt bad. Better call
         an ambolance."
         Ar: Possessive pronoun. "That's AR
         dawg, not yours."
              Arkensaw:  A Southern state some
         D*** Yankees have been known to confuse
         with Kansas, even though the two have
         nothing whatever to do with each other.
         "She's from Little Rock, Arkensaw."
         Arrer:    A pointed stick the Indians used
         to employ with great efficiency, as Gen-
         eral George Custer discovered at Lit-
         tle Big Horn. "Ah shot an arrer into
         Arthuritis:    A painful illness character-
         ized by stiffening of the joints and paral-
         ysis. "Grandma's arthuritis is botherin'
         her real bad today."
         Ary:  Not any. "He hadn't got ary
          At: That "Is at your car?"
         Awficer: A policeman. "Well, Awficer,
         Ah guess I might have been goin' a
         little over the speed limit, but, ..."
         Awhifullest:     The worst "That's the aw-
         fullest lie you ever told me in your life."